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January 27, 2001
July 3rd...the wait will continue for two more long grueling months than we had expected!

This Week's News!

A fan reported to Kornweb that Munky and Head are releasing their own signature guitars for Ibanez, called k-7. They will reportedly go for around $1600 each!
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Jonathan recently appeard on KROQ to talk about the new album. He told listeners the album will feature 17 tracks and will be the ''Heaviest death metal Korn fans have ever heard.''

I don't know if anyone saw that bogus page reporting Jonathan had died. If you have, and you haven't found out by now, he is alive and well. Someone should kick the shit out of those fuckers.

Korn is heading back into the studio to continue work on the 5th album. Here's Fieldy's thoughts...

''We're just trying to get as heavy as we can, cause that's what people want. Definitely heavier than Issues.''

Korn has now slated July 3rd as the release date for the 5th album. They also have plans go on tour in June or July.

This Week's Updates!

Check out the new stick deaths by SeNF!

January 20, 2001
Appears that we've got some real tour dates for Korn, check em out.

This Week's News!

Apparantly is now selling tickets for these two Korn shows.
March 28th Hartford, CT - Civic Center
March 30th Worcester, MA - Centrum
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Korn's video for Freak on a Leash was named the 9th most influential video for 2000 by MTV.

March 20th from Sam Goody. March 20th from Tower Records. May 1st from the band themselves. What the hell? We want to know when the new CD is going to be released. Someone please fill us in!

January 13, 2001
Seems like a lot of people liked the Make Me Bad video more than I did.

This Week's News!

Korn will be recording a cover of Metallica's ''Enter Sandman'' for the up-coming 8th installment in the Nightmare on Elm Street series, due out next winter. The soundtrack is a tribute to classic metal bands, and will feature new bands covering the old. Expected songs/bands are System of a Down covering Faith No More's ''Epic,'' Sevendust covering Bad Brains' ''Soul Craft,'' and Coal Chamber covering Motley Crue's ''Dr. Feel Good.'' Keep in mind, this is just a rumor, but a heavy one none-the-less.
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Korn, who names Faith No More as one of their biggest influences will cover the song ''Surprise You're Dead'' on the upcoming tribute album. Other artists on the album will include Papa Roach, Taproot, Primer 55 and Deftones.
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Korn will be featured on the February 8th episode of MTV's Cribs.

Korn scored two spots on Australia's Channel V's Top 200 videos of 2000. The placings were...
Number 5 - Make Me Bad
Number 50 - Somebody Someone
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This Week's Updates!

When boredom strikes, you'll always end up creating something cool. Check out some of the new artwork (Numbers 13, 14, 15). Then tell us what you think of it!

January 6, 2001
Hey KoRn phreaks. Deftones and KoRn...if that comes together that will be the most kick ass ticket ever....and I'd better get to go dammit.

This Week's News!

Hit Parader announced the following placings for Korn in their 2000 awards.
1. Best Album for Issues
2. 2nd Best Band
3. 2nd Top Personality for Jonathan Davis
4. Best Live Act

Korn's Make Me Bad video was rated number 7 on MTV's top 40 videos of 2000.

Rumors have been going around about a KoRn/Deftones tour after the release of KoRn's 5th album (slated for May 1st). I know for all the fans this would be a dream come true!

This Week's Updates!

Digital cameras kick ass. Check out some of the new artwork featuring SeNF & tHe KuTTeR. Then tell us what you think of it!

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