1 - Joey - Drums
A talkative, diminutive lead drummer, Joey has long black hair with vivid red-steaks, and wears a plain white, expressionaless Japanese kabuki mask

"The blank expression suits me. Just don't call us a 'pro wrestling' band - I'm short and I can't wrestle!"

Lovingly refers to Slipknot fans as "maggots".

"Ross (Robinson) is insane! Once when we were recording here he threw a potted plant at me. It exploded on the wall all over my head and the dirt went in my mouth. It was awesome!"

"When I first came into the band I was like, 'I have to be either in this band or I have to destroy it because it's so good"

Joey says he chose Number 1 because .. "Well it works for me because it's kind of a pivotal thing for being in the bands like have to lay all the drums and guitar work. I'm always the person that has to lay something down or be the cement of the band. That's where the 1 thing came from for me."

And on his mask .. "I didn't want to be just held down by one thing, I wanted to keep the whole thing like all options open. Like it's not something you can be held down to. It can be beautiful, it can be ugly, it can be disgusting, it can be all those things. Right now it's got like weird looking scars on it and shit. I'm marketing it up a lot different so it doesn't necessarily look the same. It's cool man I just want people to get out of it what they want."

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