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December 30, 2000
Hey Slipknot fans. Happy New Year, don't get too drunk, cause then you'll forget to come back to SPiT iT ouT....

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(hed)p.e. said the following at their concert with Papa Roach & Linkin Park: ''We are lucky to be in the house that made Slipknot, and if it wasn't for Slipknot we probably wouldn't be here today... They saved our careers.''
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December 23, 2000
Hey Slipknot fans. We've got some big album news this week! Everyone have a Merry Christmas! Peace.

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Slipknot will be heading back to the studio on January 17th with producer Ross Robinson. The release date is scheduled to be around June of 2001. We can't wait! (Credit to

December 16, 2000
Hey Slipknot fans. Sorry about no updates for a long time, I've been busy lately. I've decided that this site will be updated every Saturday along with the KoRn site. So check back for the news! Also, the Song O' the Week will continue to be updated every Tuesday. Look for it. Any updates in other sections will also be listed here at the end of the week. Peace.

This Week's News!

The Rejects, the side project of Joey Jordison(#1), played a couple of shows a couple of weeks ago. I have just been informed that not only is Joey Jordison in The Rejects but so are a few members of Dope. (Credit to Slipknot Online)

December 6, 2000
Finally some news to report! (Credit to

Slipknot guitarist Mick Thompson will guest on Hatebreed's new album, which will be available in April 2001 on Victory Records.

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December 3, 2000
I've decided to put work on this site on hold, so I can help SeNF finish the main no Crap music site. Once it is up and running, check back for updates such as screen savers. Peace.

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December 2, 2000
Work on a SPiT iT ouT screensaver is nearing completetion. Check back for it soon.

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December 1, 2000
''The stuff weve been writing reflects so much of the fucking aggression we still have. This album is going to be one of the darkest pieces of art you're ever going to hear. We're still in the writing process, but we've got some really good shit going on. It's taking what we were doing on the first album and then going past 12 planets, taking what we started with and going further than we imagined back then, so it's going to be fucking sick dude. The first album was just scratching the surface - basically it was saying ''Guess what, we're here.'' Now we're going to get really fucking personal, really fucking evil. It's going to be a whole new sickness - it's not even funny.'' (Credit to Pimp Rock Place)

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