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February 24, 2001
Thoughts about taking down the Korn site, and redoing this one to be a much more fan-oritented experience. News will come eventually. Peace.

This Week's News!

For a change, MTV has something about real music. Check out this Slipknot feature.

February 17, 2001
A lot of shit done on the new project. Trying like hell to get it done, so more attention can come back to these sites. Peace.

This Week's News!

Slipknot has cancelled the pre-grammy show and party. Corey had this to say...

"Although we'd love to do a show for our California fans, unfortunately we are entirely too consumed with the recording process right now. We will make this right at the earliest possible convenience, but as with all things, we are committed to putting every bit of our energy into making this album the best it can be, because we will settle for nothing less, and our fans deserve that and more. So to all our crazy maggots out there, we apologize. Stay 'sic' and stay tuned."

February 10, 2001
Bringing the pain this week. Working like hell, and seemingly getting nowhere. Sorry about the lack of updates! Peace.

This Week's News!

Slipknot will be a part of the new Vanilla Ice album, along with ICP and Soulfly, among others.

Slipknot has been confirmed for Tattoo the Earth 2001. If you haven't, go out and get the 2000 live album, it's great!

If you get HBO watch the season premiere of the Sopranos on March 4th. Track #3 Eyeless from the self-titled record will be played during the episode.

Manson has hinted at a possible tour with Slipknot starting sometime in the spring..

"I haven't had a chance to thank America for a great tour and I can't wait to start again this spring on something very big with Slipknot possibly. Stay tuned for that."

February 3, 2001
I've decided to put the nCm project on hold while the mystery project is still under development. Any further updates will be passed along in due course. Peace.

This Week's News!

Anders is confirmed to be a part of Corey's Project X.

Slipknot will be a part of a Pre-Grammy show and party on the 20th. Scheduled to perform with them are Mudvayne, Fear Factory, and Spineshank. Tickets will be given away through local radio stations.

The new album is due out late summer, and two track names have leaked out, Heretic Song and Disaster Piece.

Slipknot has been confirmed for this year's Ozzfest, along with Black Sabbath, Marilyn Manson, Papa Roach, Linkin Park, and Disturbed.

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