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March 10, 2001
I am very excited about the potential for this site to become a resource and hub for all of the Slipknot fans out there. A great new layout is in the works, plus content that will make this a fan much more fan-oriented experience. Details will be given as they are leaked out.

This Week's News!

Slipknot is rumored to be heading out on tour with Deicide for a few weeks starting on April 19th. More details should follow.

March 3, 2001
New design has been started, check out this screenshot.

This Week's News!

Slipknot is eyeing a June date for their new album, as well as making plans for a US tour as well as some dates overseas in Europe.

There are rumors that Todd McFarlane (creator of the comic book character Spawn) would like to create a series of action figures with Slipknot.

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