Get the coolest Slipknot stuff! Sorry about only a few downloads so far, but this page will be updated soon. Most of these downloads require Winzip or any other unzipping utility. Remember, we want your stuff!

Download and unzip these files into your Windows/Fonts directory.

Slipknot Font
This is one great Slipknot font!
Kornucopia Font
This is a great font, and a small download. Get it now!
Korny Font
Kornucopia is better, but it's a small download, worth your time.
Issues Font
Great replica of the font used on KORN'S ISSUES!
Deftones Font
Cool Deftones font! Get it now!
Orgy Font
Great Orgy font! Get this too!
NIN Logo Font
The NIN logo, not much else!
Sehnsucht Font
Font used on the Rammstein CD, it's just great!
Trent Reznor Font
REZNOR FONT! Enough said!
Rammstein Font
A great Rammstein font! Get it!

Winamp Skins
Go to for tons more skins! I'll be attempting to make a SPiT iT ouT skin sometime in the future...
Winamp Skin
by Justin Moser
Great Winamp skin I saw on

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