Live Chat with Jonathan Davis Transcript
November 11, 2000

Moderator: Jon, which President should be President and why?
HIValicious: I don't like either.

Moderator: How about you guys make a DVD with all your music videos on it? That would be so cool.
HIValicious: we are curently making a DVD with all the vids and shit on it.

Moderator: How often are you online and do u have AIM?
Moderator: Have you ever farted in front of a fan and it smelt, and you blamed it on Fieldy?
HIValicious: I'm on all the time, and yes.

Moderator: What is your favorite breakfast food?"
HIValicious: Fruit Loops

Moderator: Is that true that you and the band hate France? If so why, and how could we remain to that? But please come back in my country!
HIValicious: We don't hate France. We hate living in Europe. It's different from the States.

Moderator: Who takes care of Nathan usally?
HIValicious: His Mom

Moderator: What's the next album subject/style?
HIValicious: It's too soon to say. We just wrote a song called "Pork Chop" and it's fuckin' ass kickin' southern trucker rock!

Moderator: What are your views of religon?
HIValicious: I think it sucks.

Moderator: We were wondering if you guys are going to play Stockholm, Sweden any time soon?
HIValicious: We will be in Europe after the next album is done.

Moderator: Where is your favorite city to play live?
HIValicious: All the cities rock.

Moderator: Are you Scottish or something?
HIValicious: American

Moderator: Is it true that there is going to be a live album coming out next year?
HIValicious: We are doing a DVD thats got the Appolo live on it.

Moderator: Are you still with Deven?
HIValicious: Yes I'm still with Deven, and I'm very happy.

Moderator: Do you feel that Korn is in competition with Limp Bizkit?
HIValicious: No, I do not feel we are even in the same leauge.

Moderator: Is it true that you do the two finger search and hit typing?
HIValicious: How did you guess?

Moderator: Are you really going to be on The Wellon movie?
HIValicious: I'm not in the movie.

Moderator: What song from Issues did you play the drums?!
HIValicious: Trash, Dirty, all the interludes.

Moderator: What's going on with the new album?
HIValicious: We just started.

Moderator: How would someone go about getting a demo to Elementree Records?
HIValicious: Send it to the fan club.

Moderator: What's your favorite band?
HIValicious: Mindless Self Indulgence

Moderator: What do you think about kids like me idolising you and aspiring to be like you?
HIValicious: I'm flattered. Trips me out.

Moderator: Now Nathan is getting older is it harder for him when you go on tour?
HIValicious: No, he understands, plus I come home every two weeks to see him.

Moderator: How do you feel about Korn being credited with the creation of the current rap/metal hybrid?
HIValicious: I hate it. We are not rap metal. We are influenced by hip-hop, but I don't rap.

Moderator: What bands will you being touring with next?
HIValicious: Don't know. I would like to tour with (hed)pe and the Deftones.

Moderator: Will there be another cover art contest for the upcomming album?
HIValicious: I don't know yet

Moderator: Do you search for fan sites and go and visit them?
HIValicious: I go to them all the time. I think the fan sites are the best.

Moderator: What is the name of the song being played during Daddy... the one playing while you are crying?
HIValicious: It's a lady singing.

Moderator: Have u ever had gay sexual experiences?
HIValicious: All the time, hehe

Moderator: I hear that you're quite the fan of Is this true?
HIValicious: Yep

Moderator: How did it feel working with Snot and all the other guys?
HIValicious: It was a sad but positive experience. The song turned out awesome

Moderator: Who's gonna be in your new albbum?
HIValicious: Just Korn. It seems today everybody has got all these guests on their albums. It's kinda cheesy.

Moderator: You got a favorite MSI song?
HIValicious: Faggot

Moderator: Will Proud be released on the new album? I've heard it is supposed to be on there.
HIValicious: No, that's an old song. It won't be on there.

Moderator: What are your plans in the near future?
HIValicious: Do a new album and tour.

Moderator: Would you like to be doing this again?
HIValicious: Yes, I want to do this every two weeks.

Moderator: So what's in your CD player at the moment?
HIValicious: (hed)pe. I love that album.

Moderator: Are they influencing you in any way?
HIValicious: No

Moderator: What do you think about the recent jump of Korn Korner users?
HIValicious: I think it is great. We got the old people who ran the place out, and the fans in.

Moderator: What little role do you have in the new movie Queen of the Damned?
HIValicious: I'm not in Queen of the Damned. Just the music

Moderator: I've heard that you like Duran Duran. So what is your favorite Duran Duran song?
HIValicious: The Cheffeur. How ever you spell it.

Moderator: Do you guys hang out with John Goodman?
HIValicious: Yes

Moderator: Any chance of any more collaborations with Aimee Echo? Are you friends with her?
HIValicious: Yes we are friends. We did a song a long time ago. A cover.

Moderator: Do you think you will ever do a small club tour?
HIValicious: We would like to do a club tour. We might.

Moderator: Is your new album gonna be Issues style, or old style?
HIValicious: Don't know. I think it's gonna be something different.

Moderator: Softer or harder?
HIValicious: Harder!

Moderator: Any chance of coming to Australia again soon?
HIValicious: After the album is done.

Moderator: How's Dave?
HIValicious: David is getting ready to go in for sugery on his ribs.

Moderator: What is your favorite Korn alblum?
HIValicious: I don't know. I love them all.

Moderator: Are you married, and if so, for how long?
HIValicious: Nope

Moderator: Me and my friend have a bet going on what the first lyric is to 4U. What is it?
HIValicious: This shit right here is for you...

Moderator: Pepsi or Coke?
HIValicious: Neither. 7Up.

Moderator: Remember for those of you that didn't get a chance to ask your questions that we will be doing this every two weeks.
HIValicious: I want to thank everyone for showing up. I hope you like the new Korner and I'll talk to you all soon.

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