Live Chat with Jonathan Davis Transcript
December 9, 2000

HIValicious: What up. Let's do this.

Moderator: So do you have any people lined up to appear on the new album?
HIValicious: No. This album is gonna be just Korn.

Moderator: damian says: Jon where do you get your funky clothes?
HIValicious: I have them made.

Moderator: Korn Star says: What is the new cd gonna be like Jon?
HIValicious: The new album is gonna be crazy. We have been writing heavy shit.

Moderator: Krazy koRn LB says: Jon is it true that David is not drumming for you anymore"
HIValicious: David is our drummer. He is having surgery on the 19th on his arm.

Moderator: Porno Kreep says: Hey Jon! Now that you are a big rockstar, do people who treat you like shit when you were younger try to make out that they were your friend? Thanks for your music cuz it has brought my life back together.
HIValicious: Yes. It's funny. Shallow fucks.

Moderator: Munky hopes Jon Spits on u says: In songs like Twist and Feak on a Leash, are you just barking and gett'n down with yourself, or are you really saying something?
HIValicious: Barkin' and getting down. There are some words but mostly barkin'.

Moderator: Some Random Name says: How far along is the album right now?
HIValicious: We are just writing parts. We are doing something new. We pair off into writing teams. David is out for 6 weeks so we can't write songs without him. That would be fucked. But the shit we are doing is crazy.

Moderator: zoda says: Jon, what do you feel about people saying stuff about Korn selling out?
HIValicious: I think that's bullshit. We have never sold out

Moderator: !QURN KWEEљ says: Hi Jonathan, umm two questions, one is what school if you remember was Clown filmed in, and two, are you going to your high school reunion when the time comes?
HIValicious: The school was in El Segundo, and I missed my reunion.

Moderator: mOOnsHiNe says: Do you have any reactions about Fred's comment on Limp Bizkit surpassing and being better than KoRn?
HIValicious: Did that cocksucker say that?
Moderator: Yes he did.
HIValicious: When?
Moderator: in Hit Parader
Moderator: He said it in Hit Parader I'm guessing. I believe I read the article.
HIValicious: Well it's time for me to put that sell out little bitch in his place. Never bite the hand that feeds.

Moderator: Jons Asylum Patient #4 says: What was your favorite tour?
HIValicious: I'd have to say mine was Danzig, Marilyn Manson, and us.

Moderator: GN_KoRn says: Jon what is your biggest fear?"
HIValicious: Death.

Moderator: Wie says: I've heard that there's a song called "Planets" that's gonna be on the 5th album. Is this true?
HIValicious: No that's some fuck up that's on Napster. It was the song Proud off a soundtrack.

Moderator: K@ZeE4_)0|\||)@\/| says: What do you think of the female fans like myself who swoon over your every word?
HIValicious: I love it, hehe.

Moderator: HUSKY says: hey Jon, a while ago I sent you guys a white cardboard box with Korn written all over it. Inside there was a magazine, drum head, beer cooler, and a letter, did you guys ever get it? This was right before David's daughter was born.
HIValicious: You know we get a lot of stuff and it's hard to remember it all. We try to read all of our mail.

Moderator: .MaGgT Rp.66 says: Jon, do you have advice for teen's that are going through depression?
HIValicious: Teen depression sucks because you really can't do anything to help yourself, you just have to suffer. There are things like music and teen hotlines, but me, I prefer prozac. It works. Helped me.

Moderator: Kreep says: how long did it take for you guys to get a record deal (or just get discovered by a record label)?
HIValicious: It took about a year of hard ass work.

Moderator: Karunaholic says: Who do you listen to these days Jon?
HIValicious: I listen to (hed)p.e., Deadsy, MSI, Morbid Angel.

Moderator: Jon can I ask you a question about the Got the Life video?
HIValicious: Sure.

Moderator: I noticed the penis shot in the Got The Life video and was wondering if this was some type of subliminal message to the fans?
HIValicious: Nope.

Moderator: One of those one frame wonders.
HIValicious: Got me holmes.

Moderator: Right behind your head :P

Moderator: Maybe the people that did the vid put it there, because there is one in Somebody Someone too.
HIValicious: Maybe

Moderator: says: Umm, hi Jon. Are we chatting?
HIValicious: Yes Kornweb. Is this Dan?
Moderator: says: How's the album coming along? How many songs have been written?
HIValicious: Album is good, no songs yet, just parts.

Moderator: Ponzm says: Jon... are u my Dad?
HIValicious: Sure man.

Moderator: DaBomb says: Is it true you play the bagpipes?
HIValicious: Yep

Moderator: jon_davis_chauvinist says: If you could correct one mistake, what would it be?
HIValicious: I wouldnt change anything in my life.

Moderator: jon_davis_chauvinist says: Really?
HIValicious: Everything happens for a reason.

Moderator: ashley_the_boyband_slayer says: kORN FUCKING RULES
HIValicious: You rule.

Moderator: prediktable lies says: Are you Jon Davis?
HIValicious: Yep

Moderator: prediktable lies says: KOOL. Hey i have a kool Korn site You need to check it out.
HIValicious: I'll check it out.

Moderator: says: I was wondering if you can set the record on those so called high school demo's 'Come With Me' and 'What Have I Done'? Are they real, were they really done in high school? says: Tell us about it
HIValicious: Yep. I was a kid. First shit I ever sang.

Moderator: says: Also, can you define the term sell out. There are so many opinions on what it means
HIValicious: Sell out is a band that changes their music for a record company. Does what a record company wants.

Moderator: Lauren says: I just want to let u know u have an amazing voice and keep on doing what you guys are doing!
HIValicious: Thanks

Moderator: Ok that's it for the night kiddies. Thanks for joining us... and hope to see you all again in 2 weeks :)
HIValicious: Thanks for showing up I'll have news on David's surgery next time, and everone in the band says what up. Thanks all.

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