Live Chat with Jonathan Davis Transcript
January 13, 2001

Moderator: Where were you last week Jon?
HIValicious: I was gone, working.

Moderator: What do you think of RATM's Tim Commerford and the remarks he made against Korn and Limp Bizkit?"
HIValicious: Tim is bitter. He's a cool guy, but bitter.

Moderator: Just wanted to know, what is the meaning behind the name Niedermeyer's Mind?
HIValicious: Neidermyer was the last name of the artist that drew that pic.

Moderator: What is your favorite TV show? And do you read Ann Rice books?"
HIValicious: I don't watch that much TV and I listen to her books. I hate reading.

Moderator: When are any of the videos coming out?
HIValicious: The vids will be out soon. Just need to approve them.

Moderator: Did you get the name Nathan from taking the J and the O off your name?
HIValicious: Yeah kinda. I named him after Nathan Cox, my best friend.

Moderator: How do you respond to the shit that Ice Cube said about you?
HIValicious: What did he say about me?

Moderator: How far is Fieldy on his solo project?
HIValicious: He has a bunch of songs done. It's cool. It's hip-hop.

Moderator: When will your DVD come out?
HIValicious: Should be out in the next couple months.

Moderator: Jonathan, did you have a special blanket or something that you slept with when you were little?"
HIValicious: Yeah, a blanket and a bear.

Moderator: Back on Big Day Out, you tackled Manson on stage. Are you all friends again, or are you still "feuding"?
HIValicious: I don't talk to that guy at all, don't care to.

Moderator: How is #5 comming along?
HIValicious: Slow, but soon we will be back with David and it should pick up.

Moderator: How is your solo project?
HIValicious: I dont have one. I score movies, and it's awesome.

Moderator: What's the meaning of Layla?
HIValicious: No meaning. I was cracked out on that song.

Moderator: What's your opinion on Napster?
HIValicious: Well I don't have one really. They steal music. Fans get it for free. Fuck it. Who cares anymore.

Moderator: Is there gonna be a video for "Take It Back"?
HIValicious: No

Moderator: Is it true that you (and James and David, too) try to trick your pals on AIM by telling them goofy fake information about the new album?
HIValicious: Hold on, we just had a earthquake. That shit is fun.

Moderator: If you could be a different person from either past or present who would it be?
HIValicious: I don't know.

Moderator: How are your cats? do you have any other animals?
HIValicious: I don't have any animals.

Moderator: How come on the Who Then Now vid, there were songs from Issues in the brackground?
HIValicious: I don't know. Shouldn't be.

Moderator: Where are you right now?
HIValicious: At home.

Moderator: What is the best national monument you have ever been to?
HIValicious: I don't really do that shit. Sorry.

Moderator: Jon is it ok if my band adAfi makes a tribute album to Korn and we cover your song "Blind"? and does your sn start with the letters "Co"?
HIValicious: That's kool, and no.

Moderator: If you could sign any band you wanted, what band would it be? And happy early birthday.
HIValicious: K.I.S.S.

Moderator: Did u grow a goattee?
HIValicious: Yes

Moderator: How do you feel about the hit parader magazine praising you for all of your work, and calling you "leaders in the rock world"?
HIValicious: I feel honored.

Moderator: Who's the funnest person to go on tour with?
HIValicious: Head

Moderator: I'm getting the flaming Korn logo tattooed on my back tomorrow. Wish me luck!
HIValicious: Good luck. That shit hurts.

Moderator: What do you want for your b-day?
HIValicious: To be 23 again.

Moderator: What is your greatset fear?
HIValicious: Death

Moderator: What do you think makes an original rock girl vocalist, and do you think I should get dread locks?
HIValicious: A girl that's real and does things from her heart, not trying too hard, and locks look hot on girls.

Moderator: What do you think about these kids calling him and looking up to him as a god or a figure at that level?
HIValicious: I trip out on that hard.

Moderator: I want you to know that I love you so much todays my b-day, I'm finally 15!! Can you do anything special since today is a special day for me.. pwease? I'll do anything
HIValicious: Happy b-day

Moderator: Did you get the shit with Fred Durst cleared up yet?
HIValicious: Yeah

Moderator: Isn't your greatest fear Britney Spears?
HIValicious: Yeah, that too.

Moderator: Why is Dirty your favorite song?
HIValicious: Because I like the vibe of that song.

Moderator: What do u think of Orgy's success and will you ever do another colaboration with them?
HIValicious: It really captured what I was feeling. Don't know if I will or not.

Moderator: What's your fave Limp song?"
HIValicious: Nobody Loves Me

Moderator: Jon, you are GOD!
HIValicious: No I'm not.

Moderator: I wanted to know what are those wounds on the upper left side of your back from, that you mentioned in the Who Then Now video? Also, what are you wearing right now?
HIValicious: They were from sex, hehehe. Nothing.

Moderator: Hi Jon, it's a great pleasure!
HIValicious: Pleasure is all mine.

Moderator: Jon you fucking rule!
HIValicious: You rule holmes.

Moderator: Jon, Ice Cube never said shit about you or the band. That's just some rap music hater trying to start shit.
HIValicious: Oh ok, I didn't think so.

Moderator: Jonathan, what are some of your fave movies?
HIValicious: Dune, Wild at Heart, Blue, Velvet Lynch movies.

Moderator: Do you like the Doors? And if so what's your favorite song?
HIValicious: Yes, "The End".

Moderator: Reflecting on everything you have been through... What do you consider to be the most dangerous thing in life?
HIValicious: Pride is the most dangerous thing in life. It breeds all hate.

Moderator: Is "Alone in the Crowd" a real song from the 5th album?
HIValicious: No, never heard it.

Moderator: What do you think about Taproot?
HIValicious: Haven't heard them. Heard they were good.

Moderator: What is the most important lesson he has learnt over the last couple of years?
HIValicious: I haven't learnt many.

Moderator: If there is one message you could pass along to younger people today, what would that be?
HIValicious: Don't take everything for granted.

Moderator: Do you have a hero... who in that case?
HIValicious: Just had another earthquake... I don't ave one sorry.

Moderator: You said the next almbum will be "darker", can you elaborate on that any?
HIValicious: Well it's still in the works. I'll know more later I can really say.

Moderator: Where did the idea of your signature come from?
HIValicious: I was just fuckin' around drawing and I came up with it.

Moderator: Why a camel on stage?"
HIValicious: Because I like them

Moderator: Some rumours are circulating that after Korn's new album, a Korn/Deftones tour may go down. Is there truth behind this cause that would be one kickass show.
HIValicious: We would like to do one. Got to wait and see.

Moderator: Goodnight everyone. Jonathan has to go check his house.
HIValicious: I'm sorry I got to go check my house out. We just had a couple good size earthquakes.

Moderator: See ya later Jon. Oh and how would you feel about being able talk through voice during one of these events?
HIValicious: Sure if it works.

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