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November 30, 2000
Our Biology teacher is a dumb bitch!

Today's word is - QUACUNT

November 28, 2000
The evil spirits say FUCK YOU!

Today's word is - SHUPASS

November 27, 2000
Fred Durst is a cocksucker.

Today's word is - POPPINBERRY (No we didn't pick it)

November 26, 2000
We're having trouble finding ideas for a screen saver, even if that sounds hard to believe. What the hell can we do? Got any ideas? Tell us!

Today's word is - FORK

November 25, 2000
Bob. Budah. Bye.

Today's word is - Kuhbleek

November 24, 2000
Hey KoRn freaks, what's up? We've been working on some new projects lately, like a screensaver, more wallpapers....etc, so look for it soon!

Today's word is - BWAH

November 23, 2000
Happy Turkey Holocaust Day everyone!

Today's word is - QUADRAPEG

November 22, 2000
"Broken CD players fuckin suck."

~tHe KuTTeR

Today's word is - QUAZAQ

November 21, 2000
Hey people. Sorry about no real updates the last few days, but tHe KuTTeR is fucking pissed cause his cd player broke and SeNF is too busy fixing the Deftones site. We do have a daily word however.

Today's word is - QUAF

November 20, 2000
"Yeah, I hate Fred (Durst)...he thinks he's the shit and has to be respected like he's a big shit. He thinks he's hot snot on a silver platter, but he's cold boogers on a paper plate."

~A Slipknot Fan on AOL

I couldn't agree more!

November 20, 2000
Whoa, we fucked up so much shit. SeNF needs to do some serious work to get his new Deftones site up to par...I uploaded the wrong files, so everything was dicked. That's what happens when you don't get sleep. Also check out the downloads section for a Winamp skin. By the way we've decided to put up a daily word on the sites just for the hell of it

Today's word is - ZOGLETHORP! (don't ask)

November 18, 2000
Finally work is done on the new sites! SeNF put the finishing touches on The Sweetest Perfection and tHe KuTTeR finished up work on SPiT iT ouT. Both will be up and running tomorrow!

November 17, 2000
Hello all. Check out the downloads section to get 4 new fonts, all kick ass. Peace!

November 16, 2000
Click here and check out the transcript from the live chat with Jon D on the 11th!

November 14, 2000
Hope you like the new flash intro. It was a bitch to do so you'd better like it! The header images were also replaced, and don't look like shit anymore. Thankfully we have no lives.

November 14, 2000
Whole lotta new news, all credit to
The Mississippi state Alcoholic Beverage Control Board has suspended liquor sales at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum for one week because a cartoon depicting sex acts was shown during the August 16 Korn concert.

November 14, 2000
The band have recently recorded a cover of Morbid Angel's song ''God Of Emptiness'', which is yet to be released.

November 14, 2000
Catch the current MTV Cribs on Tommy Lee and you'll see David Silveria hanging out in his house.

November 14, 2000
Vh1's 100 Greatest Acts of Hard Rock has placed KoRn at #53. The list, which generally includes only rock legends has included Korn and Marilyn Manson as the newest entrants.

November 14, 2000
Jonathan Davis is currently putting together his work on the score for the ''Queen Of The Damned'' film. The score will not feature vocals from Davis, as to to interfere with the Korn album, but will feature select vocal contributors. Plenty of info is on the way for ''Queen Of The Damned''.

November 14, 2000
Korn and producer Michael Beinhorn are stepping into the studio to bein produciong on Korn's fifth album. The follow-up to ''Issues'' is set to hit stores in June/July through Immortal/Epic.

November 11, 2000
Today is Veteran's Day. We should all remember the brave people who fought and died for our great country.

November 10, 2000
Great news! SeNF's Deftones's site The Sweetest Perfection will be up and running on the 19th, and is designed almost entirely with Flash! Gonna be sweet ass shit. Also, tHe KuTTeR's Slipknot site SPiT iT ouT is nearing completion and will be running on the 19th as well. Looks like no Crap music will be done soon. Check back later for more details! See you there!

November 8, 2000
The double live album that has been rumored to accompany the new release is yet to be confirmed. It looks like it may turn out to be just that. A rumor. Whoever got our hopes up like that should be shot. (Credit to

November 8, 2000
Jonathan Davis will be chatting about the new album at the Korn Palace on Thursday November 9th at 6:00pm PST. (Credit to

November 8, 2000
While the song (thankfully) doesn't appear on the soundtrack, Korn's ''Blind'' is played twice during the new movie Charlies Angel's. All we have to ask is, why? Maybe so we could see some jugs bouncin! (Credit to

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