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December 30, 2000
Jon Davis putting Fred Durst in his place! Finally. That no good sellout bitch. Read all about it below. Happy new year to everyone out there. No Y2K+1 to worry about.

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In the recent Palace Chat with Jonathan Davis, the front man was asked about his reaction to Fred Durst's magazine quote that Limp had surparssed Korn. To this Davis replied ''Well it's time for me to put that sell out little bitch in his place. Never bite the hand that feeds.'' which spurred some inter-band tension, and sent the whole Korn/Bizkit friendship out the window. Korn's management The Firm were quick to get Durst on the phone to Davis to clear the air, and while The Firm claims things are now cool between the two, Davis responded to Saturday's Palace Chat question ''What do you think of Limp Bizkit now?'' with ''No comment''.
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Jonathan Davis gives an interview as well as reviews some new Playstation 2 games in the December issue of 'Gamers Republic' magazine, which is in stores now. This is a two part interview, with the second half appearing in the January issue.
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December 23, 2000
Hey KoRn freaks. More new stuff about the umcoming album has leaked out. Right now the release date is slated for the 1st of May, everyone mark in on your calendars! Christmas is upon us once again, so Merry Christmas to everyone out there. KORN 4 LIFE!

This Week's News!

Korn have set a May 1st release date for their 5th studio album. The band is currently in the studio with Michael Beinhorn (Marilyn Manson) working on the record. Korn will hit the road in late March to begin supporting the record.

Two dates have been leaked so far, they are as follows:

March 28th Hartford, CT - Civic Center
March 30th Worcester, MA - Centrum
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December 16, 2000
Hey KoRn freaks. Sorry about no updates lately, busy week. The new Song O' the Week choices will be posted next Tuesday, sorry about missing this week's picks. I will be updating the news every Saturday and the SOTW every Tuesday, with any other updates such as pics and downloads coming on Saturdays as well.

This Week's News!

According to Rolling Stone, Korn have moved their independant label Elementree Records from Reprise to Dreamworks. (Credit to

December 11, 2000
Hey KoRn freaks. Read the transcript from the live chat with Jon D on Saturday here.

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December 6, 2000
Finally some news to report! (Credit to

Progress on the soundtrack for Queen of the Damned is moving along well. Jonathan has completed two songs, which we hear are absolutely amazing. The movie, which is currently being filmed in Melbourne, Australia is due out some time in 2001.

Plans to release a live album have been scrapped. The band will only be releasing a single album, due out in June 2001.

As for David's heath he has recently seen a specialist who told him that a muscle or nerve in his wrist is cutting off the circulation in his arm. He will be undergoing surgery in the near future to correct the problem.

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December 3, 2000
We've decided to put work on this site on hold, so we can finish the main no Crap music site. Once it is up and running, check back for updates such as screen savers. Peace.

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December 2, 2000
Work on a Kanned KoRn screensaver is nearing completetion. Check back for it soon.

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December 1, 2000
A new month, yet no new news to report. What the hell?

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