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November 30, 2000
My Biology teacher is a dumb bitch!

Today's word is - QUACUNT

November 28, 2000
The evil spirits say FUCK YOU!

Today's word is - SHUPASS

November 27, 2000
Fred Durst is a cocksucker.

Today's word is - POPPINBERRY (No I didn't pick it)

November 26, 2000
I'm having trouble finding ideas for a screen saver, even if that sounds hard to believe. What the hell can I do? Got any ideas? Tell me!

Today's word is - FORK

November 24, 2000
Hey Slipknot fans, look for some new downloads to be posted in the near future!

Today's word is - BWAH

November 23, 2000
Happy Turkey Holocaust Day everyone!

Today's word is - QUADRAPEG

November 22, 2000
"Broken CD players fuckin suck."

~tHe KuTTeR

Today's word is - QUAZAQ

November 21, 2000
Hey people. Sorry about no real updates the last few days, but tHe KuTTeR is fucking pissed cause his cd player broke and SeNF is too busy fixing the Deftones site. We do have a daily word however.

Today's word is - QUAF

November 20, 2000
"Yeah, I hate Fred (Durst)...he thinks he's the shit and has to be respected like he's a big shit. He thinks he's hot snot on a silver platter, but he's cold boogers on a paper plate."

~A Slipknot Fan

I couldn't agree more!

November 20, 2000
Check out the downloads section for a new Winamp skin. By the way I've decided to put up a daily word on the sites just for the hell of it

Today's word is - ZOGLETHORP! (don't ask)

November 19, 2000
It's here! I hope all you Slipknot freaks love SPiT iT ouT! Peace!

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